How to Protect Your Car Interior For Longer

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In order to maintain your automobile running at optimal condition for longer you need to protect the car’s interior as well.

It is true that the technological aspect of your vehicle has the highest importance, but, in order to maintain your car’s integrity for longer, it is advisable to follow a couple of tips regarding proper maintenance of your car. In this article we desire to tackle exactly this issue.

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Get In the Shade

We all know that the best way to maintain your car’s integrity is to park the car in a garage. But, most of the time you do not have this luxury. A way to protect your car’s interior from the UV rays while it is outside is to park it in the shade. If you cannot find a shade and you are reluctant to park your car in the shade of a tree for fear of possible bird droppings, then you might want to consider using a car shade.

There are mainly two types of car shades from which you can choose: car shades that unfold and are placed on the windshield, rear window and so forth and car shades that have adhesive and attach themselves to the window.

Keep It Clean

Another way to protect your car’s interior is to keep it clean. When you clean your car’s exterior, don’t skip the interior. We highly recommend that you carefully vacuum the interior tapestry and all the accessible spots and clean with light detergent all the surfaces that you can.

The reason for this is because dirt and dust contain corrosive particles that will in time damage your interior. Apart from dust, different substances that you have spilled in your car, such as juice or other such liquids also contain corrosive particles.

Take Care of the Dash Gauges

In order to maintain good readability of your dash gauges in various lighting circumstances we recommend that you carefully clean the dust of it with a soft and damp cloth. Be careful not to apply too much pressure on it in order to avoid scratches.

Protect Your Car’s Carpeting with Floor Mats

In order to protect your car’s carpeting you should use floor mats which you should be cleaning thoroughly whenever you consider that it’s needed. Hose the floor mats thoroughly to eliminate all dust particles, apply additional carpeting cleaning detergent if needed to remove stains or freshen them up and let them dry thoroughly before placing them back.

Keep Your Window Seals in Shape

In order to do this we recommend that you apply a rubber protector or even silicone on the weather-stripping of the doors and windows to maintain their good conditions. Refrain from using oil based products as these might actually damage your seals.

On the other hand, if you notice that you have problems with your weather-stripping, you should act as soon as possible. The reason for this is that it will lead to rain water and other weather factors to enter the interior and deteriorate it.

Maintain the Integrity of Your Interior Leather

In order to prevent your leather interior from drying, you need to periodically use a leather cleaning product to remove dirt and possible stains and apply a leather protect product.

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