How to Maintain Your Car’s Exterior in Shape for Longer

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When you think about car maintenance you automatically think about the numerous nuts and bolts that make it run. Don’t forget! Car maintenance does not imply only the interior of the car. If you truly want to take care of your car and ensure that it is in top shape for longer, then you should also take into consideration the car’s exterior.

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The exterior of the car is quite important, even if you might not consider so at first. Besides offering a pleasant feel while you are driving, it also protects to some extent the interior of your vehicle.

We will now go through a couple of easy to apply tips for basic car exterior maintenance, to help you prolong the shine of your car for longer.

Be Careful Not To Give Your Car a Tan

One tip is to be careful not to “tan” your car, or in other words you should be careful to protect your car’s paint from the sun. Surely, the problem would be resolved if you own a garage, but if you do not possess this luxury; you can tackle the problem by purchasing a car cover or parking your car in the shade.

The reason why we recommend that you protect your car from the sun is because the sun’s ultraviolet rays can gradually deteriorate the coat of paint from your car, making it fade.

Car covers are the optimal solution against this problem, from our point of view, as they do not only protect the car from the ultraviolet rays of the sun, but also against moisture in the air and dust and it will also provide some cushion in case of a small impact such as that of a bicycle or a little tree branch.

Add A Bit of Paint

Rust is one of the biggest problems that can appear on your car’s exterior, as once settled, it gradually deteriorates the coachwork and paint does not adhere on the surface to protect it. A way to avoid rust is by adding a bit of paint where you see that the paint has begun to deteriorate, like door edges. You must do this though before rust settles in.

Be Careful With Cracks

Cracks on the taillight cover or turn signal cover are among the most overlooked exterior car problems. Most of us consider them as being purely an aesthetic problem, when in fact they are much, much more. If you do not resolve the problem, you risk water entering through the crack and causing some serious damage. A short term solution for the problem is to cover the crack with special tape that can be purchased at most stores that sell automobile parts.

Repair Your Windshield

If you notice that your windshield has a small crack or chip, you should not let the problem be on the idea that it is too small of a problem to cause fuss about, that it does not inconvenience your driving and that it is not worth the costs of changing the entire windshield.

Actually, the last one is true. You do not need to change the entire windshield, but instead you should go to a windshield repair shop, which will repair your windshield problems and even repair its deterioration at a much lower cost than that of replacing an entire windshield.

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