How to change oil in a car

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In this article, we will be telling you how you can change oil in a car. The efficiency of your car engine is effected by the oil. The oil helps to maintain the temperature of the metal components and minimises the wear of moving parts by keeping them lubricated. The engine oil helps to remove the dirt and metal particles created by the combustion process.

Changing the oil filter is just as important as topping up the oil. The filters try to keep the oil as clean as possible by removing any contaminates that have polluted the oil, however they do deteriorate over time (around 6,000 miles) as they become clogged up and therefore become less effective.

how to change oil

How to change oil in a car:

To change the oil in a car a number of tools are required. It is worth remembering that this can be a messy job, so ensure your driveway is protected.

    • To start you will need to jack the car up. This needs to be high enough for you to fit underneath, it is not recommended that you use a floor jack for this; it is just not safe enough.
    • Modern cars are fitted with an under tray, this can be tricky to remove and will require hand tools such as a spanner or screwdriver.
    • Once safely removed, you will need a large bucket to drain the oil into. The bucket will need to hold around 5 gallons. Remove the drain plug with a wrench unscrewing it until it comes off. The oil will start to pour out immediately, allow it to drain into the bucket until the flow has stopped.
    • Locate the oil filter which is screwed into the engine. Move the bucket so it is under the filter, using a specialist tool (an oil filter wrench) slowly loosen the filter until oil starts to drip from it. Once the flow has stopped, remove the filter ensuring the O-ring is also removed. The O-ring is a thin rubber ring which, if not removed will prevent the new filter from sealing.
    • Replace the drain plug tightening it back up so it is secure enough to stop the oil coming out but not too tight that it damages the oil pan and drain plug. Pop the new filter in place and tighten that too, but again don’t over tighten the filter.
    • If you have an under tray, this will need to be reinstalled and the car lowered back to the ground. Open the bonnet and locate the oil cap. Remove the oil cap and using a funnel fill the engine with the oil.

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Book at oil change

Here at National we have hundreds of qualified technicians up and down the country who are able to carry out an oil and filter change for you; hassle free! To book at oil change at your local National Tyres and Autocare branch, please click on the related article below.

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To find out which oil your car needs simply enter your vehicle registration into our oil lookup tool. Our prices include the correct filter for your vehicle.

Servicing at National

Alternatively, why not book one of our Car Services? There are three options available to motorists:

    • Oil and Filter Service 
    • Interim Service – 39-point health check including replacing the air filter, checking the spark plugs and checking the cabin filter. This can be upgraded to an Interim service with an MOT
    • Full service – 51-point comprehensive check encompassing all of the above plus an additional 12 checks all necessary to complete a full service. This can also be upgraded to a full service with an MOT

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