How to change a car headlight bulb in 4 simple steps

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If your car headlights are no longer working, you can follow these simple steps to change your headlight bulb. You can purchase a car headlight from a number of online retailers such as Amazon and try and fit this yourself.

car headlight bulb

Alternatively, at National Tyres and Autocare, you can book in for a FREE safety check at your local National branch where your car headlight bulbs will be inspected. If these need to be changed there will be a small fitting charge- please ring your local branch to confirm with your branch on pricing.

Please note, with some newer vehicles which use Halogen bulbs, these may not be possible to change yourself and would need to be booked into a National Tyres and Autocare branch.

What do I need to change a car headlight bulb?

  • A new bulb. This needs to be the correct specification for your vehicle.
  • Gloves.
  • A Philips Screwdriver.
  • Tissues. If you don't gloves, this is to make sure that you have a firm grip of the new bulb and use to clean if needed. It is important that you don't touch the bulb with your skin.

Step 1: Open the car bonnet to locate the headlight housing

You will not access the headlight from the front of your car or van. Instead, you will need to open your car bonnet and locate the headlight bulb holder this way. Once the bonnet has been opened you will see the headlight bulb holder/housing. Attached to this, you will see three power wires. These power wires will lead to the bulb.

Step 2: Detach the power wires

The bulb will be locked in place and depending on the type of your vehicle, this will either be held in by a metal clip, a screw cap or a plastic latch mechanism. If your vehicle has a metal clip, pull it up and away to remove the power wires. If your vehicle has a screw cap, make sure that you turn anti-clockwise to unscrew. If your car or van has a plastic latch, push down on the lever located at the top and pull out the plug. To release the headlight bulb, please ensure that you release the locking mechanism as instructed and detach the three power wires.

Step 3: Remove the headlight bulb

Now that the power wires have been removed, you can now also remove the old car headlight bulb. If the bulb is not moving easily, you will need to rotate the car headlight bulb slightly to remove it.

Step 4: Install the new car headlight bulb

Now that you have followed the first three steps of locating the headlight housing, removing the power wires and removing the car headlight bulb, it is now time to install the new bulb.

Do not touch the bulb with your skin, make sure you use a tissue or wear gloves.

Now place the new headlight bulb into the base of the plug where you have just removed the old bulb from. Once the bulb is firmly in place, put the headlight holder back on and plug the wires back in.

You can test if the bulb is working correctly by turning on the ignition of your car and turning on the headlights. Please get out of the car and check that they are working correctly, instead of staying in the car and presuming they are working.

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