How do you know if your car needs a new battery?

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There are a few tell-tale signs when your car battery is not functioning properly and may need replacing but let’s first examine why the battery is so important to keeping you on the road!

The battery is the power source for your ignition, without it the car simply won’t start. It also provides power to the ECU (engine control unit), lights, ignition, radio, in-car entertainment, phone charger and SatNav to name but a few.

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When the car is being driven the battery will be charged by the alternator but over time a battery can lose its ability to re-charge and a replacement may be required.

Sometimes, a flat battery can occur without warning and may need jump starting to get moving again.

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Fortunately, in some instances there are signs to watch out for to assess if your battery is failing, these are:

Dashboard warning light.

If an issue with the battery is detected, you will see either the battery or the engine warning light illuminated on your dashboard. Neither of these should be ignored, in both instances it is advisable to get the battery checked as soon as possible.

Difficulty starting the car.

A car’s engine requires cranking power to get it started. The engine type, size and the temperature of the engine will determine the exact amount required to start it up. This is often referred to a CCA (cold cranking amps) and the higher the CCA rating, the more power the battery produces. As a battery becomes less efficient over time it will produce less power for the starter motor to use resulting in difficulty starting the car.

Electrical power loss.

As the battery loses its charge its ability to power the electrical system of a car will be effected. Lights may be dimmed, the electric windows might not work and heaters may be less powerful.

If any of these signs present themselves, it is worth getting the battery checked as quickly as possible. In most instances it won’t be long between noticing these issues and the car battery being completely flat.

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