Everything you need to know about EV tyres

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There are an increasing number of electric vehicles, or EVs, on roads in the UK these days. With the government planning to end the production of petrol and diesel cars in the UK by 2030, EVs and going to become even more popular.

But what tyres should you put on an electric car? In this article, we’ll discuss what tyres you need for an EV, how they’re different to normal tyres, and where you can buy them online.

What are EV tyres?

EV tyres are specifically manufactured for use on electric vehicles. They are designed to carry a heavier weight load and improve rolling resistance. Both of these contribute to higher durability and better range efficiency, allowing EVs to drive further on a charge.


Do EVs need different tyres?

Batteries in EVs are very heavy and therefore EV tyres must be able to hold an increased weight load. The batteries in electric vehicles are typically heavier than an engine in a petrol or diesel car, and therefore normal tyres wouldn’t be able to support the weight of an EV.

If normal tyres were used on an EV, they might bulge due to the weight load. This would lead to the contact point between the tyre and the road being larger, therefore increasing tyre wear whilst reducing tyre performance.


Do EV tyres wear faster than normal tyres?

There is currently no evidence to suggest that EV tyres wear at a different rate than normal road tyres. Many factors can play a part in tyre wear, such as weight, car performance, weather and road surface. If a normal tyre is used on an EV, it will wear faster than an EV tyre. This is due to the EV tyre being able to carry more weight.


Can EV tyres be used on normal cars?

An EV tyre could be used on a normal car if it matches the tyre specifications for that vehicle. However, there would be no benefits when compared to a normal tyre. An EV tyre might be more expensive for your car than a normal tyre, and therefore we’d recommend using a standard tyre for a petrol or diesel vehicle.

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Where to buy EV tyres?

To find out more about EV tyres and purchase them for your vehicle, click the button below.

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