Three essential weekly car maintenance checks

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On any vehicle, whether it be a car, 4x4, SUV or even a van some segments and elements ought to be inspected on a regular basis. Ensuring that you inspect your vehicle on a weekly basis will help keep your car in tip-top condition, whilst giving you the capability to recognise any faults or issues.

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Here are three essential checks you ought to do to keep your car in good condition.

Check your oil levels

Checking your oil levels is crucial, especially before any long journey. Inspecting your oil level is critical on the grounds that the motor is brimming with moving parts that must be greased up for most extreme viability. When inspecting your oil levels, you need to make sure that the volume isn't fixed farther down than the point set apart at the base on your dipstick.

The shade of the oil shouldn't be overlooked. In the instance that it is deep in colour does not really imply that it ought to be changed . You need to figure out for is how light, and how dusky (filthy with particles to the touch) the oil is. Month to month inspection of oil is generally excellent to screen if there is oil leak any way.

Check your windscreen wipers

Make sure that your windsreen wipers are working correctly and not creating smudges. As well as this it is imperative that you ensure that there is sufficient windscreen washer fluid available. Ensure that if your windscreen wipers are vaulty that you endeavour to get these changed as soon as possible. Also check your windscreen for breaks and chips, which will result in additional problems if not checked.

Check your tyres

Ensure your tyres have the correct tyre pressure. You can find the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle in your vehicle handbook or for an easier alternative you can find out your tyre pressures online HERE. Check that your tyres have no buldges or tears and also that they are road legal. To check that you have enough tyre tread on your car tyres, use the simple 20p test.

Regular vehicle inspections are important and with the three quick and easy routine checks above, you can make sure that your vehicle stays in excellent condition.

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