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Become the Mrs Hinch of car washing.

As a car-owner, it is important to keep your vehicle at the highest quality, especially if you are looking to sell in the future.

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If you keep your car in tip top condition, then the more money you can ask for when looking to sell. Simple.

One easy way to ensure the exterior and interior of your car is kept at the highest quality is by getting a car wash on a regular basis. This article looks at some of the benefits of ensuring that you get your car washed on a regular basis.

1. Attractiveness

Nobody likes a dirty car. Make sure that you car is washed regularly to ensure it has that extra sparkle all year round.

Is your car clean enough? An easy way to check this is by practicing your cheesiest smile, much like our man above, and if you can see your reflection when looking at the car, you've done a very good job. If your car is showing signs of rust, this can also effect the quality of the exterior. 

2. Increased protection

This may be an obvious one, however if your car is dirty it can affect your ability to see correctly out your windscreen and car windows. Make sure that they are kept clean to ensure maximum levels of safety. 

3. Eco Friendliness

A spotless vehicle exterior is progressively more streamlined and due to this, this means that your vehicle will be increasingly more conservative on fuel consumption. 

4. Increased lifetime and sell-on value

If you keep your car's interior and exterior clean, this will keep the car functioning at its optimal level. If you look to sell your car in the future, buyers will be more encouraged to purchase your vehicle.

Even if you take your car to places such as We Buy Any Car, they will knock money off your car hasn't been maintained correctly.


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