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Car theft is on the rise in the UK with Statista stating that 2018/19 was the highest year for car theft for the last 8 years, leading people to think about car security more and more. In this article we are going to outline some of the methods that you can use to keep your vehicle out of the hands of thieves and what to do as a result of your car being stolen.

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How to prevent my car being stolen?

Prevention is the most important provision that you can take to avoid your car being stolen. There are numerous small adjustments that you can make a habit every day to keep your vehicle safe. 

Keep valuables out of sight is an obvious point but one that is often overlooked. Make sure that you take valuables with you if you run to the shops and ensure that you bring everything into your home when you leave your car parked for the night. Leaving valuables in your car not only leaves your car at risk from being stolen, as it makes it more attractive, but also whatever possessions you have in there. 

Keeping keys secure is very important. On the trend of keeping valuables hidden, in the event of a thief breaking into your house it is important that car keys are not easily accessible for them to get. A lot of the time thieves enter houses with the sole purpose of finding car keys to steal cars. Keep car keys in your bed side drawer and avoid keeping them near your front door and windows.   

Parking in well-lit areas can have a profound effect on keeping thieves away from your car. Thieves will target cars where they can steal without drawing attention to themselves and keeping themselves inconspicuous. Parking on well-lit roads and on driveways is a simple measure that you can take to avoid car theft.

Anti-theft systems are the biggest deterrent for car thieves. There are a number of different types on the market, so we will run through a few with you, such as -

·        Dash Cams

·        Steering Wheel Locks

·        CarLock Alert Systems

·        Security Tyre Clamp

All of these products can be found easily accessible at respected retailers such as Amazon, Argos, Currys and eBay.

If you are struggling to decide on what Dash Cam to purchase, whether it be front dash cams or front and rear dash cams, then the video below will help your decision.

In terms of purchasing the correct steering wheel lock, there are a number of steering wheel locks on the market right now. However, you need to make sure that you pick the right steering wheel locks brand for you. The Sun newspaper have produced an in depth article into the best steering wheel locks for 2020 you can buy for your car.

What to do in the event of my car being stolen

Call the police is the first thing to do if you notice your car has been stolen or you witness your car being stolen. The police will ask for details such as –

·        Name

·        Address

·        Make and model of the car

·        Registration number

Do not attempt to fight off any thieves in the event of them stealing your car

Tracking devices are a product that you can get installed on your car. This device ensures that you always know where your car is despite it being stolen as you can track your stolen car and locate its position. Give this data to the police; do not attempt to take back your vehicle yourself as you may get hurt.

Insurance is your saviour if the car is irretrievable. Be sure to contact your insurance provider within 24 hours of your car being stolen. Always make sure that theft is included on your insurance policy or you will be liable for any costs in getting a new car. 



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