6 Things To Know About Car Oil Changes

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Being an expert driver, it's encouraged that you try to understand a couple of common issues that may affect your vehicle. With increasing technological development in every vehicle, the propensity of being stranded by problems with your vehicle are reduced drastically over time. However, it's still necessary that you can recognize an abnormality or unusual behaviour once driving.

car oil changes

One important aspect of your car's daily maintenance that helps everything run smoothly is an oil change. There are many fundamental things that you simply ought to know relating to getting your car oil changed.

Drivers are often perplexed with when it comes to having their vehicle's oil changed. Below are SIX essential things to know regarding automobile oil changes.

1.Why does your car need engine oil?

Your engine needs oil to run effectively and avoid developing difficult and costly problems. There are three common reasons your engine needs motor oil. First, oil lubricates all the moving parts in your engine to keep everything running smoothly. Second, it prevents overheating by minimising friction, transferring the heat, and absorbing secondary product from combustion. Third, a good oil level keeps everything operating properly so that the engine system doesn't develop a fault when your oil level gets too low.

2.When to change your car oil?

Different cars have different engines, meaning that all different cars have different needs. If you would like a highly trained National Tyres and Autocare employee to check your engine oil, then you can look more into this by clicking here

3.How to check your car oil level?

You should check your car's oil levels on a regular basis- especially before long journeys. Make sure that your oil is changed or topped up at the first sign of a leak. Some newer models have built-in electronic oil monitors and do not have dipsticks for manual examination. 

4.How to choose the correct car oil

You need to decide on the proper oil for your vehicle. In some more up to date models, the weight of your vehicle's engine oil is engraved on the cap where you add oil. At National Tyres and Autocare we stock high quality LukOil for your vehicle. If you are looking to get a quote for an oil change then please click here.

5.Does the oil filter need changing?

It is advised that your oil filter is changed at the same time as your engine oil however it is difficult to categorically tell what's necessary to your vehicle and what's not. That is why it is a good idea to book in at National Tyres and Autocare for a free vehicle health check.

6.Does the weather affect my car oil?

If you reside within a region with terribly cold winters or scorching summers, or if you utilize your vehicle for towing or shipping dangerous material, synthetic oil is your best option. Synthetic oil also can facilitate engines that are at risk of increase sludge; Volkswagen and Toyota models are best-known to possess sludge problems in the past.

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