Car Dashboard Warning Lights- Everything you need to know!

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When a warning light flashes up on your dashboard, it can be unnerving but please do not panic. Warning lights usually appear in different colours on your dashboard, depending on the level of action required. The images can also look different, depending on your vehicle and model type. We have created the below graphics to help you understand what each dashboard warning light means. 

Red dashboard warning lights

A red dashboard warning light usually indicates that your vehicle requires immediate attention, especially the lights relating to the engine, airbags or brakes. Book a diagnostic check online as soon as possible or call your local National Tyres and Autocare branch for assistance.

To book a diagnostic check at your local National Tyres and Autocare branch, please click on the green button below.

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car dashboard red

Amber dashboard warning lights

An amber dashboard warning light usually indicates that your vehicle may need attention and leaving this unchecked could cause a bigger problem later, so it's best to get these checked as soon as possible. Book a diagnostic check online or call your local National branch for assistance. Please see below all of the amber dashboard warning lights which may appear.

car dashboard amber

Green (or blue) dashboard warning lights

Green and blue warning lights tend to be general warnings. For instance, they could be telling you which lights are being used or whether your windscreen wipers and handbrake are on. However, you shouldn't ignore these lights, as they can also indicate that you have a fault so it is important to pay close attention to any warning light that appears on your dashboard.

car dashboard green

It is vitally important to remember that the images above, which are showing the different types of dashboard warning lights, whether they be red, amber, green or blue, that these can change depending on your vehicle make and model. As well as the above, please ensure that you also check your vehicle handbook to guarantee you are viewing the correct warning lights for your car or van. If you are worried at all about a car dashboard warning light and would like to get it checked, then you can book a car diagnostic test online to take place at a National Tyres and Autocare branch local to you.

For that extra peace of mind, we would always recommend that if a warning light does appear on your dashboard (especially if it is an amber or orange dashboard warning light), that you book in for a diagnostics test to get it checked. If you notice a red or an amber warning light then it is very important that you don't just leave it until your next MOT to get it checked, and you get your vehicle booked in for a car diagnostic test for only £49.99 with National. To book a diagnostic test for your vehicle, please click the green button at the top of this page titled "Book a car diagnostic test".

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