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Britain's worst driving habits revealed

Jaguar Drivers Overtake BMWs To Become Britain’s Worst Drivers

Britain’s worst driving habits revealed

We recently conducted a survey on Britain’s driving habits, and we’ve found that Jaguar drivers are the worst in Britain! They admitted to offences such as using their phones while driving, not wearing seatbelts and speeding.

A shocking 85% of Jaguar owners questioned admitted to speeding, 71% said they regularly fail to indicate and 50% confessed they are guilty of jumping traffic lights.

This comes a week after a study by the RAC revealed that failing to indicate was voted the most inconsiderate behaviour on UK roads.

Although BMW drivers were revealed to be the second most likely to speed, they came out on top for traffic offenses such as hogging the middle lane or throwing litter from their car window.

Jaguar and BMW drivers were followed by those who drive Mitsubishis, Minis and SEATs.

Worst drivers

Our survey of 2,000 British motorists revealed that the more responsible drivers were those who owned a Volvo, Skoda or Nissan. However, drivers of these cars were also the most likely to use their phone while driving, with 9 out of 10 Skoda owners admitting to the offence.

Overall, 59% of drivers admitted to speeding, with 14% committing the offence every day. 14% of drivers also confessed to parking in places they shouldn’t, including disabled spots and parent and child spaces.

We also discovered that a quarter of British drivers regularly use their phone while driving, with 2% even checking their social media at the wheel.

One of the nation’s biggest bug bears – not indicating – is committed by 43% of drivers, and 5% do it every day.

It’s shocking to see just how many people potentially drive dangerously. 80% of drivers we surveyed admitted to committing at least one of these offenses, whether that be speeding or littering.

It’s crucial to abide by the laws of the road, even if your car is in perfect working order, committing driving offenses puts you and other road users in danger.

The survey also found that people from Birmingham were the worst drivers; where half of the respondents admitted to failing to indicate and over a third undertaking.

Birmingham was followed by those in Swansea, Gloucester and London.

Driving offences by city

Using phone while driving
Skoda 92%
Renault 89%
Hyundai 87%
Nissan 87%
Volvo 87%

Eating while driving
Mitsubishi 62%
BMW 60%
Mini 60%
Jaguar 57%
SEAT 56%

Littering from car window
BMW 33%
Jaguar 29%
Audi 17%
Dacia 17%
Fiat 14%

Not wearing seatbelt
Jaguar 29%
Dacia 25%
BMW 22%
Fiat 16%
Audi 16%

Smoking or vaping while driving
BMW 40%
Jaguar 29%
Fiat 28%
Audi 25%
Land Rover 21%

Mitsubishi 92%
Jaguar 86%
Mini 72%
BMW 68%
Honda 66%

Failing to indicate
Jaguar 71%
Mini 60%
Mitsubishi 54%
Nissan 49%
BMW 48%

Hogging the middle lane
Jaguar 43%
Land Rover 43%
BMW 40%
Kia 35%
Dacia 33%

Jaguar 50%
BMW 40%
Dacia 33%
Mitsubishi 31%
Audi 30%

Jumping red lights
Jaguar 50%
Mitsubishi 38%
SEAT 34%
Audi 28%
Dacia 25%

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