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Mike Bourne

Michael Bourne has almost 24 years experience in the tyre industry. Michael is Group Marketing Director for National Tyres and Autocare, the UK’s largest independent tyre retailer. Michael is also a Trustee of the influential not-for-profit safety charity, TyreSafe. If you would like to make contact with Michael then you can do so by Email and also see Michael’s Google+ profile or contact customer service for any other query.

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On the 20th May 2018 there will be big changes to your car MOT. The MOT changes will only affect England, Scotland and Wales- the MOT test in Northern Ireland will work differently. 4 MOT Changes ... [ Read: The New MOT Rules 2018 | National Tyres and Autocare ]

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When you think about car maintenance you automatically think about the numerous nuts and bolts that make it run. Don’t forget! Car maintenance does not imply only the interior of the car. ... [ Read: How to Maintain Your Car’s Exterior in Shape for Longer ]

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