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Louise Helsby

Louise Helsby has been with National Tyres and Autocare since 2006.  As an industry expert she writes news, content and press releases. If you would like to make contact with Louise then you can do so at Email and also see Louise's Google+ profile or contact customer services for any other query.

[Published by | 26 Aug 2014] | 1 Comments

More than 25% of four wheelers on the roads here in the UK are, in all probability, using a brake fluid that’s totally ineffective. And doing so, places them at an ... [ Read: 25% Of UK Car Owners At High Risk – Is Your Brake Fluid Up To Date? ]

[Published by | 12 Jul 2012] | 5 Comments

If you own a diesel vehicle then the most expensive things that can go wrong with your vehicle is part failure of either your diesel fuel pump or diesel injectors. New ... [ Read: Reconditioned diesel parts save you money ]

[Published by | 3 Jul 2012] | No Comments

People purchase tow bars for different reasons, some want to tow trailers while others are just looking to attach a cycle carrier to their vehicle. The intended purpose of your tow ... [ Read: Things to consider when buying a tow bar ]

[Published by | 29 Jun 2012] | No Comments

If your car’s air conditioning system has ever died on a long hot summer day, then you are well aware of what this apparently small benefit means. Because it is used only for a ... [ Read: How to Take Care of Your Air Conditioning ]

[Published by | 26 Jun 2012] | No Comments

An important overall car maintenance tip that is overlooked most of the time is checking the integrity of your tyres. Unfortunately, tyres seem to be generally overlooked by drivers and ... [ Read: Check the Integrity of Your Tyres ]

[Published by | 20 Jun 2012] | No Comments

One of the key factors on maintaining your car’s integrity for longer is to better monitor your automobile’s oil levels and to act upon it if necessary. Many tend to overlook this ... [ Read: Tips on How to Improve Your Automobile’s Oil ]

[Published by | 12 Jun 2012] | No Comments

In order to maintain your automobile running at optimal condition for longer you need to protect the car’s interior as well. It is true that the technological aspect of your vehicle ... [ Read: How to Protect Your Car Interior For Longer ]

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