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First BAC Mono Delivered – Affluence Flocks To Liverpool

| 25 Jul 2014 | No Comments

Automotive designers and siblings – Ian and Neill Briggs – were based in Stuttgart when they had only dreamt of building their dream automobile. It was in 2011 that they turned their reverie into a reality. The BAC Mono was thus born.

Northwest England is home to the fountainheads of automotive design – the Briggs brothers from Stuttgart. 2007 was when they decided to move home; and design and build the car of their wildest dreams. Consequently, the BAC Mono was born in 2011. The revolutionary vehicle has garnered attention from the wealthiest of car lovers across the globe; they are all heading towards its birthplace to make it their own.

The chief creative officer of a leading Brazilian advertising firm, BBH, is among the most affluent people we spotted at Liverpool earlier this month. He collected his BAC Mono, leapt into it and sped away in it along the iconic waterfront. Alexandre Gama was flanked by the mayor, city’s chamber of commerce President and employees of BAC.

His single seater BAC Mono flashes his name and the flag of Brazil on the cockpit. Gama described this car as the one with a perfect drive and close to his heart.

BAC Mono – Design, Styling And Specs

The owner brothers of the Briggs Automotive Company explained that the BAC Mono was designed from scratch – from a blank paper. Neill Briggs, a proficient engineer and BAC’s design director stated that while most other cars compromise by including a passenger seat, their dream car is different. He rhetorically asked car enthusiasts whether they would prefer to go skiing with someone on their back; and that the same holds true for driving. The BAC Mono has been designed and built for pure driving fun, he added.

Neill further said that with their creation, they had aimed at and have succeeded at creating a niche. Their existing or prospective clientele are those people who already own an SUV for a run to the supermarket, a chauffer driven saloon for work and a sports car. And BAC Mono is not a replacement for any of these; it’s a must-have addition.

The BAC Mono features carbon fibre construction, weighs only 580kg and houses a 2.3l 285bhp Cosworth engine. Barring the car dampers and radials, all parts are made in Britain. Neill stated that 100 suppliers, 35% of those from northwest England, provided parts for their Mono.

The high-tech automobile, with its open cockpit, absence of gear pedal and a detachable steering resembles a Formula One vehicle. It races at a max speed of 170mph and can reach 60mph in less than 3s flat.

He added that the biggest attraction about the car is its roots in Liverpool’s car making heritage. The annual turnover of the Briggs Automotive Company is expected to cross £4m for 2014. Neill concluded that they have already proved that there is demand and they are sure it’s a sustainable business.

The BAC Mono is priced at a plush £95,000 excluding VAT. The manufacturing firm can build one every month and already has 200 orders. With its new facility in Liverpool, where it moved to last year, it will manufacture 30 this year, 60 in 2015 and 90 in 2016. And 80% of their cars will be exported.

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