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September 2014 to Mark A New Era For Jaguar – Its Newest XE On The Cards

| 21 Jul 2014 | No Comments

Jaguar has recently announced a September release for its newest XE model. This automobile will rival BMW’s 3 Series head on and is expected to be an epitome of dynamic abilities.

Jaguar’s upcoming XE is going to be nothing like anyone of us has ever seen before – truly an automobile with a difference. It will sport an extremely lightweight architecture; and its suspension set up will derive inspiration from the latest F-type model.

High on dynamism, this forthcoming premium Jaguar model will be called XE saloon. The premium auto manufacturer has planned a September release for the same in London this year.

What’s In Store With The New XE?

Hold your breaths all you Jaguar fans; 8th September is exactly when the car maker will reveal to the world its latest XE model. This Jaguar product has been designed to combine thrilling performance, accurate and precise steering responses, exceptional levels of refinement and comfort, and agile ride handling.

Jaguar XE will be built using double wishbone type front suspension, inspired from the F-Type range and made out of aluminium. The car maker claims that this architectural setup will result in outstanding stiffness level, closely comparable to Jaguar’s larger XFR sports saloon.

The new XE will sport an ultra-sophisticated suspension set up at the rear. This will employ an integral link arrangement also made of aluminium. A Jaguar spokesperson stated that XE’s suspension system will deliver razor sharp response, precise handling and a refined ride.

Engine And More Features

The new XE, empowered by its aluminium architecture, will be propelled by Jaguar’s latest Ingenium engine range. This new Jaguar variant will feature an advanced electric steering system. And Jaguar claims that it will offer better turning scope compared to a hydraulic system. The steering system build and design also promises the potential to offer the driver a feel of the highest drive quality.

Amongst the newest features of Jaguar’s upcoming XE is its ‘All Surface Progress Control’ technology. This advanced traction control system seamlessly works like cruise control at low speeds. It delivers optimum traction on most slippery surfaces; does not let the vehicle skid, and nullifies the need of using pedals.

Jaguar chassis expert Mike Cross expressed that Jaguar brand vehicles have made a mark in the industry with their ability to strike a fine balance between precise handling and exceptional ride quality. And that this upcoming XE will be no different. He further stated that their newest XE will mark the culminating point of all the knowledge that Jaguar has acquired since its emergence as a premium auto manufacturer.

Cross, the Chief Engineer of Vehicle Integrity, concluded saying that they are well on target to deliver an automobile that will dynamically outperform Jaguar’s closest competitors.

A grand revelation of this new Jaguar XE saloon has been planned for September 8, 2014 at a gala event in London. The car will go on sale all over Europe in 2015 and across North America in 2016.

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