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The ‘Sizzling’ La Ferrari Makes News ‘Hot’ And ‘Smoky’

| 14 Jul 2014 | No Comments

Ever since the LaFerrari reached the clutches of big car fans, these lucky owners have had no complaints at all. Until very recently that is. One of the LaFerraris was spotted emitting smoke from its rear, while on a hill climb event in Italy.

The LaFerrari, one of the most coveted Ferrari models ever to hit the showrooms, sold like hot cakes since its launch. Little did one of its drivers on a hill climb route ever imagine that his ‘flaming hot’ car may shoot up in flames!

The ‘Fiery’ Incident

As this sports car was treading the Trento-Bondone hill-climb, somewhere through the drive, along the nail-biting curves of the hill, the back of this £1million model began to emit smoke. Unfortunately for the driver, he found out later that the car’s rear diffuser had undergone extensive heat damage.

While this Ferrari was the star of the hill climb, there were a number of other grand sports cars that participated in the event.

A video of the incident was later posted on Instagram.

Is LaFerrari The Only One?

This isn’t the first time a Ferrari has caught fire; however, it is indeed the first time for Maranello's new hybrid hyper car.

While it brings a huge insurance claim onto the company, this kind of an incident is not rare when it comes to sports cars. LaFerrari is just one among a number of other sports car manufacturers who have faced a similar situation in the past.

For instance, sports automobiles from Ferrari and Porsche had recently been in the news – Ferrari for using highly inflammable glue in the construction of one of its cars, and Porsche for an engine fire risk.

Causes For Such Accidents

It is not always due to the fault of car manufactures that such tragedies take place. On several occasions, gas leaks, battery ruptures and poor maintenance of a sports car can cause it to blow up into flames. And at times, even their tyres can cause the incident.

The LaFerrari is a popular name among sports cars; and Ferrari probably did not anticipate such an accident. And we can only speculate at the moment about what may have caused the incident. The pointing game can go on but it is important for all sports car owners to get their engines checked regularly to ensure that every drive is a safe drive.

How To Prevent Car Fire?

A number of cars are found to catch fire mainly during the months of winter. To prevent this, our suggestion is to ensure that you remain informed of how much your car engine can handle at a time. If it heats up sooner than it should, you need to get it checked and, if required, replaced.

Don’t ignore over heating of the car engine assuming that it is what a sports car typically does. Chances are that the model you picked has some flaws, or the particular one you bought has a couple of defects.

If there’s one thing we learn from such incidents, it is that even the biggest names in the market cannot ensure 100% safety. The owner of the LaFerrari might have some regrets about his new buy, but definitely it’s an eye opener for a number of sport car fans.

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