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Peugeot 5008 Gets in Better Shape for 2014

| 31 Jan 2014 | No Comments

Peugeot has given an attractive facelift to its seven-seat 5008.The new 2014 5008 is expedient, refined and quite a comfortable alternative for large families. The makeover has revived its external appearance and the interiors have been subtly enhanced too.

The New, More Refined 5008

Peugeot has given its seven-seat 5008 a mid-life makeover, just in case your family has outgrown your existing 3008. However, while the latter was more successful at sales, the latter still needs to catch up, which is a shame considering the enhancements.

Nevertheless, we think that the face-lifted model is actually preferable to the 3008. The driving experience is quite identical. The family MPV features quite an expedient interior with its seven comfy seats. It is more stylish than and hence more desirable compared to most MPVs in the market. It features up market interiors, a large boot and decent ride handling. Its engines are strong and load area is larger than archrivals from Renault, Ford and Citroen.

Engine Options and Performance

There are three diesel engines and two petrol variants on offer like in 3008. Diesel options comprise 115bhp 1.6l HDi, and a 150bhp and 165bhp 2.0l HDi. Petrol ones are 120bhp 1.6l VTi and 156bhp 1.6l THP.

The diesel model of the new 5008 that houses a 1.6l 4-cylinder turbodiesel engine is punchy while being smooth. The six-speed manual gearbox’s shifts feel a tad long and unfocused though. The steering, however, is lighter and now more linear, enabling easier placement of this model on the road. The cabin noise is minimal; plus softer ride makes 5008 more sophisticated and comfortable.

This new front-wheel drive 5008 runs on a power of 115bhp, goes from zero to 62mph in 12.9s and touches a max speed of 115mph. Its CO2 emission stats are 128g/km and fuel efficiency is at 56.4mpg.

The ride handling, however, isn’t sharp enough and there’s a perceptible kick-back via the steering wheel. Yet, it compares 3008 quite well and makes Kia Carens-like rivals seem inaccurate and soft in comparison.

Appearance and Styling

Comparing with 3008, the car looks more conservative and the makeover accentuates things further.

The new headlamps feature LED strips running beneath them, and the fresh grille design helps include a hint of RCZ style. The interior updates are same as in 3008, making Bluetooth a standard. Also, there’s a tinted head-up display screen on the top-of-the-range model.


The prices for 5008 have increased though. The mid-range Active model costs £300 more, which makes it pricier compared to its Citroen counterpart – the Grand C4 Picasso. Moreover, the latter’s 115, e-HDi Airdream version boasts of superior economy of 70.6mpg, as against Peugeot’s 56.4mpg.

At £22,200, this seven-seat 5008 comprises cruise control, 17-inch alloys and front and rear parking sensors too.

Other spec levels are basic Access at £18,800, and top-spec Allure at £23,150.

The Peugeot 5008 is a seven-seat automobile we would definitely recommend. However, if you prefer more style plus cost-effective running, Grand C4 Picasso is just as comfortable.

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