6 Tips For Your Family Car On Your Next Road Trip

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Road trips are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, from taking in Banksy artwork in Bristol to the historically captivating Bath. While it's possible to travel from northern parts of the UK to the most southern bits in a day of hard travelling, it's recommended to slow the trip down and take time to enjoy the unique quirks of each region. But an enjoyable road trip relies on a comfortable car and a few special hacks to make the trip memorable and safe for the whole family.

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Provide Some Onboard Entertainment For The Little Ones 

If you’ve ever tried telling a two-year-old to look at the scenery, you know that boredom happens within a few seconds. They’re not interested in the serenity of the Moors unless there are a few sheep dotted along the way. Toddler activity trays that are specially designed to fit over the car seat will keep them occupied for some time. Remember regular breaks to keep the little ones comfortable. 

A Full Service Before You Go 

Nothing can spoil a road trip more than a car that starts to splutter and cough as you make it up the side of a mountain. While it helps to check the spark plugs and oil levels before you head out, it’s also important to ensure that the brakes, tyres and wipers are all in good working condition. If you’re planning on taking your trip during the colder months of the year, it also helps to ensure that the heating works properly, and that there are no signs of more serious problems like oil on the spark plug threads. Be sure to change out filters and check sensors for an enjoyable and safe trip. 

Pack A Snack Box, Even If You Intend To Stop 

At some stage along your journey, you’re going to want to take a break and refuel both the car and the belly. If you’re not planning on stopping at a roadside restaurant or pub, it helps to pack your own snacks and drinks. Food and drink from convenience stores along the route can cost quite a bit more than at a supermarket. By investing in a portable electric cooler, keeping snacks cool won’t be a problem. 

Invest In Sun Visors For Side Windows 

There are those times during a road trip where the sun just seems to follow you around, and for those sitting in the front, it’s just a matter of moving the visor to a different direction. For those in the back, there are screens that keep out the sun while still providing enough visibility for the driver. 

Carabiner Clips And Cupcake Liners

While road trips shouldn’t be frustrating, there are those moments when you can’t reach a handbag or nappy bag, or you’re stuck with rubbish in your cup holders. Carabiner clips are ideal to keep small bags off the ground and allow easy access, and cupcake liners prevent debris from gathering in the cup holders. 

Cling Film For The Win 

Cling film is not just for keeping your sandwiches fresh: it also happens to be a great way to create a makeshift cover for a takeaway drinks cup to avoid spills if there are no lids available. It can also be a great help when you need to take liquid toiletries along on road trips. Simply add a piece to the bottle before screwing the top back on to prevent leakage. A bit of planning can turn an ordinary road trip into a comfortable and memorable experience for everyone.

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