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Weissach Package - A Truly Ultimate Porsche 918 Spyder

| 20 Jan 2014 | No Comments

The hybrid Weissach Package adds to the excitement while cutting down on weight of the Porsche 918 Spyder. This faster and lighter version is definitely THE ultimate 918; nevertheless, the standard Spyder remains a favourite.

The Weissach Package

The premium car maker has designed and introduced a new super sports automobile every decade, beginning with the 550 Spyder in 1953. The Porsche 918 Spyder, however, has pushed the boundaries more than any other so far; surpassing 959 and Porsche Carrera GT.

Porsche decided to rewrite the rulebook for supercars and they presented the automobile world with their Weissach Package. This 918 edition not only boasts of incredible performance and unmatched grip, but also of its ability to silently cruise in the EV mode. The Weissach Package is a technical masterpiece, offering an awesome driving experience.

The Porsche 918

Porsche has combined avant-garde hybrid technology and track-verified motorsport engineering in its 918 and set new benchmarks for the hypercar market. It offers a choice between two 918 versions, distinguishing itself from its closest rivals.

The standard car does satiate the urge of passionate Porsche patrons; the Weissach Package 918 is a Porsche with a difference. It has been designed and developed for customers seeking an “enhanced performance-oriented finish”. It even costs £60,000 over the heftily priced regular 918. Despite, 25% of 918 buyers have opted for it.

Built and Styling

The composite structure of Weissach Package is highlighted by the unpainted carbon weave finish of the roof, car’s rear wing and its windscreen frame. Moreover, there are optional classic 917-inspired sticker packs to enhance the Spyder’s appearance.

The car’s magnesium wheels cut the weight down by 14kg, while the reduced sound insulation results in lesser cabin weight.

The colour scheme is specially developed as a tribute to Porsche Salzburg 917, the 1970 Le Mans winner. You can even choose from the legendary Martini insignia, or a modernised matt black finish.

But most importantly, it’s the Weissach Package’s performance upgrades that make it the ultimate 918. The nomenclature has been derived from their R&D and Motorsport division situated in Germany.

Engine and Drive

The 41kg lighter Weissach Package incorporates a race-inspired 4.6l V8, PDK twin-clutch transmission, Li-ion battery and two electric motors. All these, together, deliver massive acceleration and razor-sharp throttle response.

The 875bhp Weissach 918 comes at £712,088 and takes no time to go from zero to 62mph; 2.5s to be more accurate! It can go at a max speed of 214mph, and emits CO2 at the rate of 72g/km.

Comparing with the standard 918, the Weissach edition can finish the Nurburgring Nordschleife lap, three seconds faster. The record-breaking figure is 6m 57s.

The driver as well as passenger seats are equipped with six-point belts. Additional motorsport inspiration is palpable in the front wheel arc aero-flaps that boost downforce, and rear winglets that curb drag.

The steering is as quick and well-weighted as in the standard 918. Also, the lateral grip is as exceptional. The car’s appeal, however, lies in the fact that this is The Ultimate Porsche.

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