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The Long-Awaited Citroen C4 Cactus to Arrive Soon

| 10 Jan 2014 | No Comments

The first ever teaser photographs of Citroen C4 Cactus have been released. The crossover is due for a release on February 5 2014. The refined yet minimalistic vehicle will be a new beginning for Citroen; complete details on the model are yet a mystery.

The Beginning of a New Era for Citroen

Citroens newest crossover, potentially a marked direction change for the maker, its C4 Cactus is due for launch pretty soon. While Citroen revealed the concept version at Frankfurt in September 2013, the production version will be launched in the first week of February. The countdown is on.

The teaser images are quite unclear, making it impossible to gauge the exact details. However, the striking similarity between the production model and the concept is palpable.

The car manufacturer’s ultimate aim is to distinguish its conventional C-line cars from its up market DS line-up, and C4 Cactus is just the beginning.

Design and Appearance

We expect the Citroen C4 to feature traditional door handles, and windows and windscreens made of glass, as against the concept’s open set-up.

The car will be 4.21m, 1.75m and 1.53m in length, width and height; making it tad shorter than C4 and as tall as DS3.

The Citroen C4 Cactus will sport a distinct personality with its simple uncluttered surfaces, elevated ride height and quirky ‘Airbump’ door panels as a standard. This radical feature consists of an air-filled plastic side panel designed for better protection against bumps and scrapes. During development, Airbump was tested for performance by thrusting a shopping trolley full of car batteries against the car’s side.

Concept’s exterior design elements like the high-mounted daytime LEDs and extended wheel arc linings will feature on the production edition. The interiors will sport a single central display controlling most major functions, albeit with minimal number of buttons. Standard five-speed manual gear transmission is expected to feature on the production model.

The C4 Cactus will share its chassis with the C4 Picasso, and is predicted to feature the latter’s engine line-up as well. The pioneering Hybrid Air technology, which featured on the concept car, might appear in the final version, albeit in top trims.

C4 Cactus - The Underlying Theme

Citroen has emphasised upon comfort, expediency and affordability, more than anything else. Sporty handling, hi-tech interiors and upgraded engines are not what you must expect.

Mark Lloyd, designer for Cactus, had said back in September that Citroen had deeply pondered over what was actually important to their customers. The theme that surfaced prominently from the exercise involved reducing stress and intricacies of handling a car. Citroen, hence, decided to simplify everything.

Citroen plans to roll out smaller derivatives of this model, provided the first Cactus emerges triumphant. The basic philosophy of the model, however, is expected to diffuse throughout the C-line range.

Back in September, at the popular Frankfurt Motor Show, Citroen boss Frederic Banzet had commented that their focus was on developing a sophisticated yet simple vehicle, and definitely not on cheapness. He had mentioned that the C4 Cactus will be priced close to the standard C4, with its price starting at about £14,000.

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