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The 2014 Honda Jazz Stats and Pictures Leaked

| 19 Jul 2013 | No Comments

Honda is yet to officially reveal the information about its 2014 Jazz / Fit in the offing; but a Japanese automobile brochure has already done what was necessary. The pictures of the new-gen car-in-the-making are now available online and the car is expected to debut at the Tokyo Motor Show later in 2013.

A Peek into the New Jazz / Fit

What’s the secret about Honda’s latest Jazz / Fit specifications and styling? Well, none anymore with all the relevant info appearing in one of the Japanese catalogues recently. There are pictures which show the new model from every possible angle, in various colours and with some interior changes as well. The pictures in the booklet are not crystal clear, but, overall, the new Honda Jazz 2014 seems to resemble Honda’s 2013 Civic model to a considerable extent.

Tweaked Dimensions and Design

The Japanese brochure has revealed complete production specifications of Honda’s 2014 supermini MPV. Honda’s latest Jazz has been designed to ride on a wheelbase that is extended by a considerable 3.1 inches and the car measures almost 155.9 inches in overall length. The new model will also feature 65mm more leg space at the rear.

The influence of the existing Civic model on its design is clear in its various exterior features. For instance, this Jazz’s rectangular headlamps and grille combine to create a single blade running across its entire width. Also, the newly designed larger air-inlets turn it into a meaner-looking vehicle than before.

Now, there’s a razor-sharp crease line running right from behind the frontal wheel-arcs through the door levers, to the light clusters at the back. The rear also reflects an identical angular style, with lofty lights flanking the rear screen on both the sides, and there’s a distinct chrome bar running across the boot area lid.

What’s In Store?

While the newbie is going to be called ‘Fit’ in Japan, its nomenclature will stay the same here in the UK when it’s introduced in showrooms in 2014. An enhanced RS version of the latest Honda Fit is also being manufactured for the Japanese market. This advanced model will comprise a 1.5 litre i-VTEC engine, coupled with a CVT, instead of the previous 5-speed auto gear apparatus. Honda is even considering manufacturing a hybrid version of the same, details of which are likely to be announced at the motor event in Tokyo.

The brochure also gives a closer look at the tweaked interiors, which include an auto gear transmission and a ‘power/charge’ dial layout, pointing towards a hybrid model in the pipeline. The hybrid model is expected to boast of unanticipated efficiency levels, thanks to its aerodynamic wheel design and Li-ion battery technology employed.

There is no info mentioned on whether the new Jazz / Fit will retain its intelligent foldable flip-up seats. However, with the latest Nissan Note turning into a conventional supermini rival, the new Jazz will need to worry about even fewer rivals. Its real competitors are going to be only Ford’s B-MAX and the latest Citroen’s C3 Picasso.

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