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Mercedes Newest S-Class: S500 L AMG: The Ultimate in Luxury

| 15 Jul 2013 | 1 Comments

The latest Mercedes S-Class series has already been announced to be the world’s best series of automobiles by far. How about putting this proclamation to a stringent test? Come, hop in the passenger seat and let’s go about it!

Merc’s Finest Endeavour to Date

The new Mercedes S-Class car is a huge advancement compared to the precursor. You can tell how comfortable and luxurious it actually is, only if you experience it for real. This truly offers one of the most superlative driving experiences in the history of the automobile world. The car is all set to grab a lot more attention and a receive gamut of accolades for its finesse and opulence.

Design and Styling

The interiors instantly sweep you off your feet; finest quality wood, metal and superior leather are all generously employed throughout. The elegant door panels and the chic dashboard both blend neatly together with a nice flow. Every mechanism and all push-buttons have been meticulously engineered to impart the classiest feel.

Immaculate Drive

Get behind the wheel and you are ought to feel the same luxury quotient. Impeccable refinement and unrivalled ride quality make this one an out-of-the-world vehicle. Enhanced aerodynamics, thickened double-glazed windows and reinforced door seals, add to its sophistication.

The cabin is so well-insulated that with windows up you don’t hear a sound from that diesel-operated truck, right next to you, when you pull up at a traffic signal. For once, you’d definitely wonder whether that heavy-duty vehicle is an EV. Even at speeds as high as 140mph, it is easy to engage in a normal conversation.

The regular air-suspension coupled with adaptive damping is so efficient that the S-Class glides effortlessly over any bump or pothole; all you feel in the cabin is a minor vibration. The steering is weightier than before and offers remarkably better grip through corners.

The S500 gets an optional Magic Body Control, a technique that scans the path ahead and accordingly sets the suspension. This system, at an £4,340 extra over the already pricy S500 L at £88,130, makes the ride feel uncannily comfortable.

Engine Performance and More Features

This model features a 449bhp, 4.7l V8 turbo engine that works with a seven-speed manual transmission system and rear-wheel drive. The car sprints effortlessly from standstill to 62mph in just 4.8s and is capable of a top speed of 155mph. The new larger V8 is a little more efficient than the current model, with a fuel efficiency of 32.4mpg. Now, its CO2 emission rate is 199g/km.

Each rear passenger gets a screen connected to a 200GB hard disk and a hi-tech Intel processor, enabling viewing different things on separate screens. You may surf the internet on your 12.3 inch display, and your co-occupant can simultaneously watch a movie on the other.

It is least likely that the S500 L turns out to be a best-seller here, in UK, due to its low fuel efficiency and a hefty price tag. However, with its unbelievable performance and the optional advanced Magic Body Control, this one really feels like an epitome of superior automobile experience.

The big engine opotin is very tempting, but to go with that I would want a more liberal writing of the engine regs than is plannd. 4.5l and a 600-700hp/12k rev limit would be sad. Big fat slicks might be cool then. Was this answer helpful?

Cristian | 28 Aug 2013

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