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Scottish Motor Trade on the Up

| 12 Jul 2013 | No Comments

The Scottish motor trade last week published a set of figures forecasting that new car sales for 2013 are expected to reach their highest figure since 2007. On a recent survey carried out on new car sales in June 2013, the figures showed a 13.8% increase over the same period last year, equating to a total of nearly 19,000 new vehicles being sold during the month.

New Car Sales Forecast Revised Upwards

This is excellent news for the car trade, which has struggled over recent years to fight its way out of recession. On the strength of this news, the Scottish Motor Trade Association (SMTA) has increased its forecast of annual sales for 2013 - from the previous figure of 185,000 new cars being put on to the road, to 190,000.

Taking the UK as a whole, the grand total of new cars sold during June this year was 215,000, representing a 13.4% increase over the same period last year. But, for Scotland alone, new car sales for the first half of 2013 are a very healthy 14.2% higher than for the first half of 2012.

Private Buyers Fuel Sales Surge

According to research recently carried out, it is the private buyers who appear to be fuelling this increased demand for new cars, taking the lion’s share of 55% of all new car sales and beating the corporate sector into second place.

Scotland Loves to Beat the Brits

Douglas Robertson, the chief executive for the SMTA, commented that the private buyer's market in Scotland has always yielded a higher percentage of sales than the rest of the UK. So whilst Scotland’s figures are 14.2% higher, the rest of the UK’s figures show only a 9.6% increase. It appears that Scottish car owners are just as keen at beating the Brits in new car sales, as their sports fans are at beating England in football and rugby. There will be no holding them back, now that Andy Murray has taken the Wimbledon men’s singles title!

The Knock-on Effect

An increase in new car sales is positive for the car industry as a whole. It means that in the future, more cars will be percolating their way through to the second-hand car market, so that second-hand car sales, and garages offering specialised servicing and maintenance, can all expect to look forward to a brighter future.

German Manufacturers Command Pride of Place

German car brands are still very much in the ascendancy, with both Audi and BMW recording the largest percentage of new car sales. German automotive engineering is still held in very high esteem, and rightly so. But, although many manufacturers are offering deals on maintenance and service, keeping your new car in tiptop condition can still be a costly affair.

Top Quality Servicing at a Fraction of the Main Dealer Price

But, there is now a very real alternative that allows new car owners to substantially beat main dealer service, maintenance, and repair prices, and so keep their running costs down. Quality services offered by private garages , like the Audi Technik Centre Tuning Services, offer high standards of work and maintenance, with service record books properly stamped, at a fraction of main dealer pricing.

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