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Brabus B63 Widestar – Outlandish Attitude Comes Packed with Extreme Power

| 11 Jun 2013 | No Comments

Brabus has yet again accomplished what it has been good at. It has tuned the new Mercedes GL 63 AMG, enhancing its power to a huge 611bhp and endowing it with a massive bodykit.

The Brabus B63 Widestar – Broad Styling

Brabus has turned the Mercedes GL 63 AMG into an extreme version and called it the B63 Widestar. The widened bumpers at the front and rear justify the name Widestar; the overall car width now measures over two metres. The increased size of air-intakes, its peculiar 23-inch alloys and a full bodykit make this one far from subtle. To top it all, the boosted power from the upgraded engine matches the extreme styling.

Power Gets New Meaning

The Brabus B63 Widestar gets all-wheel drive and an advanced ECU, with a power of 611bhp and a torque quotient of 820Nm, in lieu of the 5.5l twin-turbo V8 engine from the original GL 63. The brakes are now improved; these hold 6 piston callipers and 16-inch disc units in a cross-drill pattern to cope with added power.

These facts point towards enhanced performance figures, which are good enough to astonish few leading sports car makers. The Brabus B63 Widestar will go from null to 62mph in a mere 4.7 seconds and will travel at a maximum speed of 174mph. The exhaust system is devised from stainless steel, and consists of a butterfly valve. This valve can be activated simply by pressing a switch on the steering wheel. And what happens next is truly exhilarating! The B63 Widestar transforms from being a quiet cruiser all this while into a hollering V8.

Extravagant Styling

On the interiors, the Brabus B63 Widestar boasts of custom-built ‘waffle’ leather features. There is bespoke Alcantara finish on the headlining, and adorning the steering wheel; and a prominent Brabus logo displayed on the stainless steel backlit scuff plates. The model of this Brabus that debuted at the Geneva Motor Event this year was designed with wood decking in its boot area.

A new speedometer reading 320km/h, lengthier shift paddles and aluminium door-lock points underscore this Widestar’s sporty characteristics.

Power Goes Well with Control

The button-controlled butterfly valve on the steering wheel lets the driver select between the surreptitious ’coming home’ mode and the vigorous V8 sound that instantly reminds you of a Nascar racer car. And since the standard GL gear would be inept at handling such heavy rumble, customers can select between Brabus’ cast and forged circumferences in three diameter sizes - 21, 22 or 23”.

The latter don 305/30 advanced-performance tyres, about 15% lighter compared to stock hoops. There is a Brabus control module designed for the Airmatic suspension, and expressly calibrated to any of the chosen wheel/tyre combination. This reduces ride height by 30mm.

The price remains yet to be disclosed. However, the standard GL 63 AMG model is expected to cost about £91,715, optional equipment and features excluded. If you want to consider adding extensive and alluring upgrades, add a minimum of £40,000 and who knows, you might be ready to own a full-fledged Barbus B63 Widestar.

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