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The Newest MX-5 – An Attractive Performer

| 23 Jan 2013 | No Comments

The face-lifted Mazda MX-5, with its killer looks, delivers one of the most exciting driving experiences. Let’s drive it around UK roads and experience it first hand.

MX-5 So Far and the Future

Several newer cars have arrived and attempted to steal MX-5’s share of attention, but very few have actually been able to match its blend of fun quotient and value for money factor. It seems that as the car is maturing, it’s getting younger and eager than ever, and the recent facelift only adds to its freshness. Even a newer version of MX-5 is in the offing, which is being created in association with Alfa Spider and is expected to launch in 2014.

Today, MX-5 continues to be a topper in its class and has long been regarded as the best sports car in terms of affordability. In order to stay in trend and compete head-on with newer rivals such as MINI’s Roadster and RCZ from Peugeot, Mazda has given a makeover to its MX-5 just on time.

The Appearance and Interiors

The new MX-5 consists of a revamped frontal grille and fresh bumper design, both of which serve to reduce drag apart from enhancing the appearance. The automobile’s interiors have been modified for a more up-market appeal; the inclusion of climate control as a standard and a glossy dash in dark grey are the most prominent changes.

The Sport Tech Nav version of the new MX-5 incorporates an integrated TomTom satellite navigation with a 5.8 touch pad, iPod and connectivity via Bluetooth. The system, however, doesn’t feel as intuitive as it should and a little passé.

Enhanced Safety and Control

Mazda has also added a safety system in the form of an active bonnet. With this arrangement, the bonnet’s trailing edge pops up increasing the area between the engine and the front panel, in case an accident with a pedestrian is sensed.

Among mechanical amendments, the throttle map for the six-speed manual gear apparatus has been modified to boost responsiveness. The brakes have also been tweaked for greater control when the driver brakes through corners.

Engine and Performance

The new MX-5’s 2.0 litre 4-cyl 158bhp engine is the same as before. With this power figure, the rear-wheel driven vehicle is not as quick as one would expect it to be and takes 7.9 seconds to go from 0-62mph. It reaches a top speed of 136mph, has a fuel efficiency of 36.2mpg and emits CO2 at 181g/km.

The engine at its best, though, enhances the feel of drive involvement; while the snappy gearbox does feel great, except when sometimes you have to fight to change to first gear.

This newest MX-5 is exceptionally balanced as ever. Its sharp handling ensures that you know at all times which way the car is directed, despite its supercar speed.

If refinement and leisure are your priorities, then this Mazda may not be the best option; the noise of the gushing wind and that of traffic are pretty intrusive, and the car’s low suspension means that the bumps on the road are clearly felt.

Despite, this MX-5 appears more attractive than before and delivers one of the most thrilling driving experiences, setting a benchmark for its younger competitors.

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