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VW CrossBlue Concept Revealed

| 21 Jan 2013 | No Comments

The NAIAS Auto Show being held at Detroit saw the unveiling of the latest CrossBlue concept created by the leading automobile giant, Volkswagen. This 4-wheeler looks like a Touareg, albeit with augmented dimensions and gives an idea of the look and feel of upcoming SUVs from VW.

CrossBlue – A New Line of SUVs in the Offing?

The revelation of the CrossBlue concept has confirmed that VW intends to launch a superior seven-seater in line with its successful Touareg. Despite the CrossBlue concept being a six-seater, VW confirms that the production model based on this concept will be offered as a seven-seater.

The close-to-production appearance of the concept car affirms the imminent launch of a new SUV. One of the members of development team for the CrossBlue concept, Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg explains that Touareg is a premium vehicle, while the CrossBlue concept is designed for the volume market.

Design and Space

The styling and outward design of the VW CrossBlue concept make it look like a next-gen Touareg or Tiguan, with its brusque, straight lines and the very bold dual-bar chrome grille at the front. The chief of the design team, Klaus Bischoff and the Group design head at VW, Walter de Silva worked closely with VW America to craft a distinct look for this concept.

Unlike most 7-seater SUVs, this concept has room for adults in all rows, with 947mm and 917mm legroom in the second and third rows respectively. The boot area with all seats in place is 335 litres; and it transforms into a 2,000 litre luggage area, with the last two rows folded.

Engineering and Performance

The CrossBlue concept has been engineered for a front-wheel drive, on an MQB-variant platform, and is capable to work with all kinds of powertrain, be it petrol, diesel, hybrid or even natural gas. The car on display at the motor event at Detroit consists of 187bhp 2.0 litre diesel engine that works in conjunction with an electric motor fitted on each axle. A combined power of 297bhp can be delivered to all the wheels, making the CrossBlue capable of going from 0-62mph in 7.5 seconds.

At full battery charge, the fuel efficiency is great at 134mpg; however, with only diesel generating power, it reduces to 58mpg. The batteries need a 230V socket to charge; and the car can traverse for about 20 miles at a speed of up to 75mph, in the electric-only mode.

Interiors and Equipment

The interiors are designed with a mix of wood, stylish leather and aluminium. The lights and weather control rise out of the dashboard when the ignition is turned on. A 10.2 inch touch panel, which consists of a gamut of infotainment functions, dominates the centre console. It also keeps the driver abreast of the current state of the hybrid system.

The advanced sat-nav boasts of a 3D display; and the headrests on the rear seats house chic iPad minis.

With the launch of this concept, VW has made its preparations for the expansion of its SUV range conspicuous. Also, the resemblance in styling between the Up!-based Taigun and this new CrossBlue concept confirms that VW has imparted distinct identities to each and every SUV member of its impending future line-up.

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