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Opulence Redefined - Jaguar XJ Ultimate

| 22 Oct 2012 | No Comments

The exorbitantly priced new Jaguar XJ Ultimate is a blend of unbeatable speed and inimitable lavishness. Automobile experts say that this new XJ provides good value for money for buyers in the premium car segment.

The “Ultimate” In Luxury

If £121,980 does not deter you, then Jaguar XJ Ultimate could be a perfect package of luxury and speed for your taste. This hi-tech automobile literally offers you the extravagance of a first-class airplane seat combined with the swiftness of a Porsche 911. This model from Jaguar is a range-topper with luxuries such as champagne chillers and iPads integrated into its creation.

For a car of its stature, the Jaguar XJ Ultimate is priced rightly in line with its counterparts of the likes of Porsche Panamera Turbo S and Mercedes S63 AMG. These premium automobiles cost equivalent to the new Jaguar model and sprint from 0-62mph in less than 5 seconds; Jaguar XJ Ultimate does that in 4.9.

“Ultimate” Features

One aspect of the new Jaguar XJ Ultimate, beyond the reach of any of its competitors’ is its “ultimate” level of gadgetry. The rear massage seats are finely sculpted, are electrically regulated, both for position and temperature, and are an epitome of comfort. Apart from the normal headrest screens, built for viewing TV or DVDs, two iPads are provided and these charge automatically once the ignition springs to life.

Such features would always make you want to sit in the rear passenger seat, between which the chillers keep your effervescent drink at a cool 7°C, for as long as you want to. Also, there subtly appears a classy, black table at the mere touch of a button, beneath which you have two pristine champagne glasses. The exquisite herringbone wood finish on the door panels is another distinctive feature on the classy XJ Ultimate.

More Features

The 20-inch stylish wheels, chrome-hued large oval exhaust vents, air ingestion space rimmed with chrome, and the Ultimate badges fitted at the rear and even in the side vents of Jaguar XJ Ultimate are exclusive to this range. The suspension is subtly modified for better comfort of rear passengers; and this car wafts a lot more luxuriously at higher speeds as compared to a little stiffer performance of a typical XJ model.

The Engine

The new Jaguar XJ Ultimate houses Jaguar’s 503bhp supercharged 5.0 litre V8, which offers impressive performance with its effortlessness and “ultimate” refinement. Even a little nudge on the throttle will enable you to blast past the regular traffic without delay. A restrained growl from the exhausts, in addition to the hum of the supercharger under acceleration, simply raises the dramatic quotient of the car so that you love it even more.

Though V8 is more than perfect for the “ultimate” incarnation of Jaguar’s XJ, the car maker plans to offer the new XJ with a new supercharged V6 petrol version in the near future. This move will aid reducing the car’s running costs, including the 24.4mpg fuel efficiency. Also, the revision will cut down from the £1,000 of first annual tax bill and reduce the current price tag amount as well. We wonder if the new Jaguar XJ will be as “ultimate” then.

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