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The All New Impressive Jaguar XF 3.0 S/C

| 19 Oct 2012 | No Comments

Jaguar XF will now come with a supercharged engine, the car maker’s V6 petrol version. The immensely smooth and controlling drive ensures that the new XF delivers an extremely impressive performance.

Though diesel engine is a preferred choice of UK, this 3.0 litre V6 petrol leaves no stone unturned to impress the driver. Neither does it rumble sonorously like the previous V8, nor does it boast of emissions like the diesel V6. However, for ardent motorists who long for that extra space in an XF, the new V6 makes a point.

The New Engine - Performance

The new V6 will be found under the bonnet of this new version for 2013, the XJ saloon as well as the Jaguar’s F-Type roadster. The new V6 does take cues in construction from the V8, except that it has six cylinders instead of the V8’s 8, and includes a Roots-type supercharger. It generates 380bhp, which is 45bhp less than the V8; but the fuel economy has been boosted by 4.6mpg at 30.0mpg and CO2 emissions go down by 40g/km at 224g/km.

The 2013 model of Jaguar XF will house an 8-speed gear system and stop-start feature as a standard in all cars to be sold in the UK market. The flexible engine takes a mere touch of foot to overhaul average traffic. Also, the fast kick down and the efficient brakes are perfect for the 1,770kg kerb weight of the Jaguar XF 3.0 S/C.

The Control

One would definitely miss the characteristic roar of the older V8 when the engine stirs up from slumber, but it does make itself heard before it settles down to an almost inaudible state. The steering is light but its precise control is ideal for low speeds, and the gearbox lets you shuffle effortlessly and swiftly throughout its ratios. However, the only let downs are a slight gap in power while the gearbox is operated and a minimal tremble as the stop-start process cuts off and starts over the engine.

The Drive

The driving experience only improves as the velocity builds up and the relaxing ambience allows you to get a perfect feel of the same. The new V6 overpowers the rear wheels with ease, despite the reduced power, as you sit low and comfortable in the Jaguar XF 3.0 S/C. The car speeds from 0-62mph in 5.9 seconds and delivers a top speed of 155mph.

At around 3000rpm, the high-pitched sound from the supercharger scores over the rising engine noise. And at 4,000rpm the V6 generates a distinct and impressive metallic rasp. As you cruise through the motorway, the only sound that you’d hear is a roar from the wide 19-inch alloy wheels. However, 17 speakers of the state-of- the-art 825W Meridian stereo system ensure that the growl from the tyres is drowned out.

At £50,450, the V6 petrol version of the new Jaguar XF will be definitely a hit in the petrol driven markets globally. However, for UK, the Premium Luxury automobile will face a stiff competition from the diesel counterparts.

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