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Bentley GT Speed – The Speediest Bentley Ever

| 16 Oct 2012 | No Comments

The newest Bentley is believed to be the epitome of speed and utmost refinement. A perfect package of power and performance, this blitzkrieg delivers this and much more. Let’s find out.

The Right Speed

This automobile from Bentley has been rightly named. It’s instant and grave acceleration, the moment you need it, is what it’s all about. Though it could have taken cues on agility from Aston’s Vanquish, its suspension is a lot stiffer, enabling the big Bentley GT Speed to handle itself amazingly well at the corners. However, with its suspension in the Comfort mode, this Bentley drifts with ultimate smoothness, is almost silent and more comfortable than its aforementioned arch rival.

The Power Factor

The predecessor to this Bentley is well-known as an imposing coupe. The new version produced by the British brand is far more powerful at 616bhp, generates a torque of a crushing 800Nm and is capable of a top speed of an intense 205mph. The Bentley GT Speed dashes from 0-60mph in a mere 4.0 seconds and has a dual turbo 6.0 litre W12 at its core. The fuel economy is 19.5mpg with CO2 emissions at 338g/km.


The Continental GT Speed uses Bentley’s high-tech 8-speed gear system, which was first used in the Continental GT V8. The specialists at ZF have devised it for slick and comfortable shifts between gears in automatic mode and in a rapid-fire manner via the paddles mounted on the steering wheel. This car features blistering straight-line acceleration, with the reworked power plant going unremittingly from zilch to the red line at 6,000rpm. This almost brutal velocity feels even better with the roaring sound from the large twin exhaust pipes at the rear.

The chassis of the swiftest ever Bentley has been modified as a measure to tame its fierce speed and to bring better handling into play. The air springs are stiffer, suspension bushes are firmer and the auto-levelling system keeps up the ride height lesser by 10 mm.

The on-road experience of Continental GT Speed is marked by remarkably more agility compared to the standard version. Additionally, when the suspension is set to Sport, it reacts quicker to your directions, flaunting its sturdy grip and commendable body control. The steering system is well-weighted and delivers unfailing precision. The large and heavy Bentley GT Speed, due to its standard four-wheel drive with resilient traction, delivers a confident drive equally on freeways and on twisty roads.

The Dual Personality

The most impressive aspect of the GT Speed is its ability to transform from a sports car to a luxury coupe at the mere toggle of a switch. In the Comfort mode, GT Speed drifts along in utmost silence, giving you no feel of a bumpy road. The car’s low-key appearance echoes its twin personality aloud; only on closer inspection will you notice the large 21-inch alloy wheels, the radiator grille in a stunning dark tone and massive, rifled exhaust vents.

The interiors are similar to its predecessor’s indulgent cabin, barring the inclusion of diamond quilted edging on its premium leather seats and the creative metal trim on the dash. Like any Bentley-created automobile, the GT Speed at £151,000 comes with a huge scope for customisation limited only by the owner’s imagination and finances.

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