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Michelin Tyres Rise and Shine in the Tyre Industry

| 27 Sep 2017 | 2 Comments

As one of the ’s largest independent tyre specialists, Michelin tyres has been constantly rising in the tyre industry. In the recent times it has hit the headlines with several developments. Let’s take a look.

Michelin OE Tyres chosen for new BMW X5 M and X6 M Models

The relationship of Michelin and BMW has been long standing and the bond has now been strengthened with another milestone achieved. The German car manufacturer BMW has selected Michelin Pilot Super Sport as OE radials for its X5M and X6M models.

Michelin tyres have provided similar service to BMW earlier too. It has designed tyres for the latter’s M3, M4, M5 and M6 models. It is solely due to the tyre manufacturer’s commitment and performance during their ongoing relationship that BMW decided to assign it the new project as well.

Michelin Pilot Tyres - Performance Matters

The company, Michelin, has been consistently standing out due to its extra ordinary performance in motorsport vehicles. Owing to this, Michelin has developed the Pilot series, which includes Pilot Sport 2/3, Pilot Super Sport, the Pilot Sport Cup 2 and the Pilot Super Sport 4S. The Pilot Super Sport tyres have been built to offer a blend of reliability, strength and durability.

Presently, the Koenigsegg Agera R is fitted with Pilot Super Sport tyres. These Pilot tyres have shown best results for this and some other vehicles as well that require speed, control and strength in order to succeed.

These tyres from Michelin have been used to deliver record breaking performances in models such as the Porsche 918 Spyder 4WD and Renault Mégane RS 275 Trophy-R.

Michelin’s philosophy in developing these tyres seems to be simple - providing access to motorists to the same super fast technology, they use in the production of their racing tyres.

Michelin Policy Adopted by Tincknell Fuels

Another benchmark for Michelin has been in the form of a major decision on the part of Tincknell fuels. The latter adopted Michelin’s complete tyre policy and fitted Multiway 3D tyres across their truck fleet. The transport manager of Tincknell has been greatly impressed and does not stop praising Michelin for its products.

The manager is way too glad with the tyres provided by Michelin and says that the Multiway 3D tyres feature high grip as well as traction necessary for vehicles in the winters. The technical and account management support provided by Michelin also seems to be a key factor in its increasing goodwill.

Michelin Tyres and the CV Show

Michelin plans its largest display at the CV Show this year by demonstrating additional sizes and advanced tread patterns across its X Multi range of products. These new tyres offer round the year performance and offer features that are not found in most standard tyres.

Michelin plans to display 12 tyres catering to long distance, regional, urban and commercial vehicle types. Thus, Michelin has already bowled out others with various brilliant developments in the tyre industry, and all eyes are set at the manufacturer for bringing out better products in the near future.

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