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Volvo Recaptures Vigour – Fits a New Three-Cyl Engine in its V40 Drive-E

| 29 Aug 2017 | No Comments

Volvo’s futuristic V40 Cross Country car will seemingly get an advanced three-pot engine that will pack oodles of punch in this automobile’s performance. For us, the ride felt more than enjoyable. For you, here’s the review.

Volvo has built a prototype of its V40 Cross Country and placed in it a highly advanced three cylinder engine. The ride that the punchy engine led to was so exhilarating, that we can hardly wait for the firm to build the model.

Volvo’s owners have invested pretty wisely in building the new 1.5l three-pot engine that boasts of a potential that only a very few in the race can match. Volvo is persevering at building its patented three-cylinder engine in a bid to place itself shoulder to shoulder with lead rivals like Volkswagen and Ford.

The Swedish Volvo has recently fabricated this unique engine that we talked about; it is build totally in-house. The most amazing fact about the engine is that it was created in merely 48 weeks from the time its architectural design garnered management approval.

Volvo’s New Three-Pot Works Wonders

The engine, at the moment, is under rigorous testing and is expected to be fitted to Volvo V40 by end of 2016. The powerhouse might appear in the manufacturer’s S60, V60 and XC60 models as well.

Volvo aspires to establish itself as a truly premium automobile manufacturer, and compete neck to neck with Mercedes, BMW and Audi. And if it introduces its three-pot engine via the V40 successfully, then this will be Volvo’s ground-breaking move in the premium hot hatch segment.

Performance and Ride Competence

Volvo aims for carbon emission stats of around 95g/km in the conventional version of its three-pot engine. It, however, admits its plans of adapting the engine for hybrid or plug-in applications to offer its patrons eco-friendly motoring options.

The current prototype generates around 156bhp and effortlessly handles steep hillocks and slimy tarmac. Despite the fact that there are just three cylinders working under the bonnet, it is surprising to feel only little vibrations at start-up.

Grab the first gear, prod the throttle lightly and here you go, this Volvo takes you far. The engine feels like a total delight on the move. Unlike the usual three-pot engines that generate a continuous audible thrum reminding you of their presence, this one is quiet. The engine makes its presence reach your ears only when you accelerate mighty hard. Gear change is required once it revs to 6,000rpm.

The light-weight engine lets you experience a smooth, direct turn-in during cornering. The front portion of the car is particularly light in weight and hence feels quite playful.

The first impression that the Volvo V40’s small three-pot builds is pretty good. Moreover, if the fuel economy and CO2 emission stats are as class-leading as Volvo claims them to be, this engine could be all that we could ask for. It is, however, a must that Volvo speeds up and puts the engine quickly into production, before competition steals the show.

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