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Mazda Breaks All Barriers with its 2015 CX-3 – A Review

| 19 Dec 2014 | No Comments

Replete with style and substance, the upcoming Mazda CX-3 is an automobile that deserves ample attention. Aptly designed for a compact urban SUV buyer, we hope this Mazda gets its equipment right and a price to go for.

The Mazda CX-3 is a much-awaited younger sibling of the CX-5 SUV. It is all set to join and, in all probabilities, lead the ever-growing compact SUV segment of small crossovers just right for city driving.

The tremendous sales response that Vauxhall Mokka, Nissan Juke and the very recent Citröen C4 Cactus have received clearly proves one thing. High-riding hot hatches, which offer a clear road view and can fit into a taut parking space without much ado, are in great demand.

The under-production Mazda CX-3 will have enough competition to meet; the new Fiat 500X, Jeep Renegade, the new-gen Suzuki Vitara and the Honda HR-V, to name a few.

Mazda CX-3 – Styling and Space

The architecture of CX-3 is founded on that of Mazda 2; and there’s a strikingly similar dash too. While CX-3 is a tad broader, its wheelbase is identical to that of the latter. The former offers more headspace compared to a Mazda 3, while slotting in between the 2 and 3 models in terms of boot capacity.

The CX-3, designed in Japan, has a decent 264l boot area. Its styling actually ensures that this Mazda stands out, particularly its front portion. The model is definitely a lot better looking than the Juke or Renegade.

The Mazda 2-inspired interiors are relatively classier and high on space, making the first impressions really good.

Engine Options

At the moment, Mazda is considering offering two engine options. The first one is a 1.5l diesel machine with a power and torque output of 103 horsepower and 199lb ft. This diesel engine is quite refined but lacks in the punch required at start up. However, once you get going, it effortlessly maintains a comfortable pace with good in-gear flexibility. The six-speed gearbox with automatic controls is fairly intuitive but optional.

Mazda is yet to release CX-3’s performance or efficiency stats officially; but the inclusion of Mazda 2’s smart Skyactiv fuel-economising tech will ensure that the CX-3 will be cheap to run.

This compact Mazda efficiently strikes a balance between steering feel and ride comfort on its large 18-inch optional alloys even over bumpy roads. The CX-3, indeed, drives with the poise and stability of a hot hatch.

The 2.0l petrol engine is another option, and is quicker at taking off compared to the diesel variant. Its fuel efficiency, with an auto gearbox, will be close to 50mpg, says Mazda. Riding on 16inch wheels feels comfortable, thanks to a steering control that’s sharper compared to that of diesel.

There are really no downsides we felt to driving the CX-3, barring the road noise that is common to most Mazda models. Priced from an estimated £14,500, Mazda has designed its CX-3 with key ingredients for sure-shot success in the compact crossover segment.

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