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Ford Is Ready with Next Focus RS Hatchback – Confirms Officially

| 18 Dec 2014 | No Comments

Ford has confirmed the arrival of the next member of its Focus RS hot hatch clan. It has officially announced that it’s Mk3 Focus RS will soon enter production. The model, for the first time ever, will be sold without any changes across the globe. Exact pricing and specifications are still to be announced; Ford is expected to release detailed information in the next few months.

Ford’s upcoming Focus RS is only one among over 12 performance automobiles that the manufacturer has planned for an international launch by 2020. This particular model forms an integral part of Ford’s plan to offer a larger number of vehicles, parts and accessories to a larger customer base, with greater speed and efficiency through a new Performance team at Ford.

The absence of the Focus RS is conspicuous since 2011, the year in which Ford offered its standard Mk3 for sale. The past 12 months have seen innumerable spy shots and heard countless rumours on the new Focus RS going on sale in Britain, but the official confirmation has come only now.

Ford Focus RS 2016

The future Focus RS will be Ford’s flagship model and is expected to house a 2.3l turbocharged engine generating a power punch of 350bhp. A few months ago, the hot hatch was spotted testing at the famous Nurburgring circuit, with lightly camouflaged but clearly aggressive bodywork.

Group VP for Global Product Development at Ford, Raj Nair, stated that in order to don the RS badge, a car needs to be a zero-compromise driver’s car built for superb day-to-day driving along with the ability to deliver superior on-track performance.

For Ford, he added, their RS is all about customer satisfaction as well as about buttressing their One Ford philosophy globally. Ford plans to sell the new RS almost unchanged throughout the world, emphasising largely on reliability and value for money.

Design Aspects

The new Focus RS is expected to feature two large trapezoidal grilles for taking in air into the engine. These will be flanked by huge air vents on both the sides, supplying cool air to the upgraded brake assembly.

The chassis is lowered and continues along the well-sculpted car sills to the rear diffuser. The rear portion has two tailpipes that burn holes right into the mesh.

The top-of-the-range Focus RS will use a variant of the 2.3l four-pot EcoBoost engine from Mustang, where it generates around 304bhp. In RS, however, Ford’s engineers will enhance the power to 350bhp to enable it to combat with mega-rivals like the future Audi RS3 and A45 AMG from Mercedes.

The RS, unlike the latter two, will sport front wheel drive and hence serve two purposes. One, it will help keep the price in check; and two, its chassis will be able to handle hefty power output owing to a smart limited slip differential and RevoKnuckle front suspension.

At the moment, Ford is subjecting the production RS to aero tests, and hence we expect the model to go on sale in 2016. And since Ford boasts of a history of manufacturing cars with grip, noise, power and poise akin to those of rally cars, albeit at a lesser price, we expect the new Focus RS to cost well below £30,000.

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