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Hyundai Gives i30 a Facelift – Super-performer Turbo Hatchback on the Cards

| 18 Dec 2014 | No Comments

Hyundai has revamped its Volkswagen Golf-rivalling i30 in what it calls a mid-life makeover. The revived model gets a new automatic gearbox and a top-of-the-range 183bhp Turbo engine.

The Hyundai i30 will now come with revised styling and seven speed auto gear apparatus. The range will be topped with a powerful Turbo model. The upcoming i30 is expected to appear in showrooms early in 2015.

What’s New in the New i30?

The rejuvenated Hyundai i30 features new alloy disks, a fresh hexagonal grille and chic paint finishes. In a survey, Hyundai’s existing customers rated design as the numero uno reason influencing their buying decision. The South Korean car major, hence, played it safe while designing the second-gen i30.

Thomas Burkle, the Chief Designer for the refreshed i30 stated that they have chiselled the car with strong, fluidic lines. The car’s appearance, hence, exudes a sense of motion even when it’s at a standstill.

Revived Engine Line-up

Hyundai has made maximum changes to the line-up of i30 engines. It will offer the 5-door i30 hot hatch with a 1.6l Turbo with a power output of 183bhp. This particular model has been engineered at Germany’s Nurburgring racing circuit with a strong focus on everyday expediency and sporty driving dynamics.

The Turbo i30 will be equipped with six speed gear box with manual controls and a bespoke, tuned suspension. It will go from zero to 62mph in 8s, touch a maximum speed of 136mph and return 39mpg.

The President and CEO of Hyundai Motor’s UK division, Tony Whitehorn, stated that the company has planned to focus a lot on engine technology for a couple of years. He added that plans to change almost 70% of its engine line-up by 2020 is in the pipeline; indicating enhancements in performance, fuel efficiency and emission stats.

Hyundai also plans to soon discontinue offering its slow-selling Veloster in the UK. The car maker deems the i30 Turbo’s expedient bodywork and a more conventional design far more suitable for competition in the heated hot hatch segment here.

Rich Equipment Kit

The closest rival of the new i30 is expected to be the more powerful Kia Cee’d GT. To begin with, the i30 will be available as a five-door model in the UK; there’s news of a sportier three-door version planned for foreign markets.

The i30 Turbo will be rich in terms of standard equipment offered. The kit will include daytime LED lights, 18-inch alloys, xenon headlights, sporty red detailing and twin exhaust pipe.

The updated i30 range of models will feature enhanced safety, better refinement and more economical engine line-up. Six airbags, lane departure warning, cruise control, sat-nav system, six-speaker audio set up, 7-inch hi-tech display and bi-zone climate control will all be offered, albeit as optional features on basic trims in the range.

The pricing details and complete specs are expected to be revealed right before the launch of the new i30 early next year. Auto industry experts, however, expect the i30 Turbo model to be priced at under £20,000.

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