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Bridgestone B250 Tyres – the Most Technologically Advanced Tyres for Small and Medium Cars


The Bridgestone B250 tyres are part of the company’s general-use tyre range, with technological advancements that put them at the class topping position in terms of performance.

Japan based Bridgestone Tyres have an established reputation for investing in R&D and have been at the forefront in tyre innovation to produce tyres that offer maximum benefits to consumers in terms of performance as well as safety. And the Bridgestone B250 tyres do not disappoint on that count.

The B in the name B250 stands for balance and indicates that the Bridgestone B250 tyres provide a perfect balance between comfort, stability and safety.

The tyres have been specifically developed for a wide range of small to medium compact cars and provide a mix of high mileage, good aquaplaning resistance, significant braking responsiveness and low tyre noise.

Launched in 2006, the Bridgestone B250 tyres were intended as replacement for the Bridgestone B391 tyres in the original equipment market.

Bridgestone B250 Tyres – Performance

The Bridgestone B250 tyres perform well on the following parameters.

  • Wet Weather Performance

The Bridgestone B250 tyres incorporate a unique tread pattern with large grooves, equipped with maximum sipes. While the grooves effectively deflect surface water and reduce the risk of aquaplaning, the high density sipes arrangement increases the wet traction considerably. As a result, wet braking responsiveness increases, leading to shorter stopping distances.

  • Handling Characteristics

The large tread blocks improve handling characteristics of dry roads, giving you more precise control of the car during cornering especially at high speeds. Thus driver confidence increases tremendously.

  • Tyre Durability

The larger tread blocks are also more wear resistant and contribute to tyre longevity. So it will be a long time before you would need to consider replacing your Bridgestone B250 tyres.

  • Noise Levels

When you decide to go on a long distance drive with the family, you rather listen to your children’s chatter than noise made by your tyres, right? Bridgestone understands this therefore the Bridgestone B250 tyres tread pattern is optimised through high end computer software to minimise noise levels. You can enjoy a quiet and peaceful ride at all speeds.

Features and Benefits of the Bridgestone B250 Tyres

· Excellent tyre for wet driving conditions as it reduces the risk of aquaplaning and offers superior traction and braking response on wet surface. Thus safety is assured in wet weather.

· You can expect a comfortable and confident drive as the Bridgestone B250 tyres provide improved handling characteristics, enabling reliable and precise control at all speeds and surfaces.

· The tyres are good value for money because of extended tyre life and durability.

· The overall drive experience is greatly enhanced due to the reduced noise levels.

Below are Bridgestone B250 tyre reviews and ratings

Rated 8.6 out of 10 based on 22 customer reviews

Grip in the Dry 9
Grip in the Wet 8
Steering Responsiveness 9
Cornering Stability 9
Resistance to Aquaplaning 8
Tread wear versus mileage 8
Resistance to Aquaplaning 8
Noise level 8
Quality versus price 8
General appearance / tread pattern 8
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Bridgestone B250 Reviewed by

5/5 stars
Bridgestone were original fit on this vehicle and seem noticeably better all round than Michelin or Continental alternative

None so far.

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Bridgestone B250 Reviewed by

4/5 stars
Early days yet but seem to be ok so far

None so far.

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Bridgestone B250 Reviewed by

4/5 stars
The Quality & Appearance


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