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At National Tyres and Autocare, we stock an extensive range of premium tyre brands, mid-range tyres and budget tyres to suit all motoring requirements and budgets.

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Goodyear Tyres

Goodyear Eagle F1 ASY 2 XL

Goodyear Eagle F1 ASY 2 XL

Load Index: 110

Identifies maximum load capacity of a tyre when driven at maximum speed

Speed Rating: W

The maximum speed that a tyre can sustain at full load

Rating: 9.2

Our site ratings are collected from customer reviews and are based on the following criteria:
  • Traction in the Dry - when accelerating, cornering or braking
  • Traction in the Wet - when accelerating, cornering or braking
  • Steering responsiveness - ability to maintain the drivers input i.e. following a straight line
  • Cornering stability - ability to follow the drivers input
  • Resistance to aquaplaning - when all 4 tyres lose contact with the road (i.e. driving through water)
  • Tread wear versus mileage
  • Ride comfort and smoothness
  • Noise Level
  • Quality versus price
  • General appearance / Tread pattern
All Terrain

All Terrain tyres (marked with an 'AT' on the sidewall) offer a 50:50 compromise between off-road and on-road capability, providing good versatility on a wide variety of surface types, from dry sealed roads to dirt and mud tracks. The preferred choice for many 4WD owners who wants to use their vehicle both on and off road. All Terrain tread patterns are designed to give improved grip on unsealed surfaces whilst clearing mud and dirt from the tyre tread.

Extra Load

Extra Load tyres are an evolution of the reinforced tyre for heavier, higher performance vehicles, allowing a lower profile tyre with extra load carrying capability, these tyre give more rigidity and enhanced road holding. Extra load tyres have a higher inflation pressure and often have XL moulded on the sidewall.

From £204.70 per tyre (inc. multi-buy discounts)

Multi award winning premium brand tyre

71 dB

Fuel Efficiency / Rolling Resistance

As a tyre rolls, it deforms and dissipates energy. This lost energy is known as rolling resistance and directly impact on fuel consumption. Graded A (best) to G (worst), the difference between the two is a 7.5% loss of fuel economy.

Wet Grip / Braking Performance

Tyres with excellent wet grip have shorter braking distances on slippery roads, essential for keeping you safe in the rain. Graded A (best) to G (worst), the difference in braking between the two is 18 metres or four car lengths.

Exterior Noise Emission

A tyres exterior noise grading is expressed in decibels (dB) and accompanied by one, two or three sound waves. Graded 1 (best) to 3 (worst), the best are designed to exceed future EU noise regulations.

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