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The All New Vauxhall Insignia BiTurbo is here

Mike Bourne | 12th December 2011

Vauxhall has launched the latest version of Insignia with its most powerful diesel engine ever. This model has been named the Vauxhall Insignia BiTurbo for the twin turbo charged diesel engine in this vehicle.

The Engines Features in Insignia BiTurbo

The latest engine is founded on the 2.0 litre unit available in the current models of the Insignia, Astra and Zafira Tourer. But the difference due to the presence of the twin turbo chargers is immense. According to official sources, the Insignia BiTurbo will be capable of a performance capacity of 195 bhp and a peak torque of 295 pounds per feet. When we say that these figures indicate a 35bhp increase in performance capacity and an increase of 37 pound/feet in the torque, over the earlier 2.0 litre engine, you truly comprehend the difference.

New Vauxhall Insignia BiTurbo

The Technology Behind the BiTurbo

The twin turbos in the engine work sequentially to eliminate any lag. Consequently, the pickup is good and the performance figures are high. The second turbo gets charged first at slower speeds, spinning quickly and providing power to the car. The smaller turbo is able to achieve a torque of 258 pounds per feet from speeds as little as 1500 rpm. At midrange speeds, both the small and the larger turbos work together with the larger turbo taking over completely at higher speeds from around 3000rpm onwards.

No Compromise on Fuel Economy

With its enhanced engine features, the Insigina BiTurbo is expected to touch 0-60mph in merely 8.2 seconds. Vauxhall sources, however revealed that the performance will not in any way compromise fuel efficiency or environmental considerations. The vehicle will offer a mileage of 57.6mpg, slightly better that the earlier 2.0 litre 158 bhp engine. It is also extremely environment friendly releasing only 129g of carbon dioxide per kilometer driven.

Features of the Insignia BiTurbo

To suitably handle all this power, the BiTurbo gets the adaptive FlexiRide damping system, which is extremely sensitive to driving conditions and modifies the damping settings in a fraction of a second. The ‘Tour’ and the ‘Sport’ buttons are available to vary throttle and speed as per preferences. You can use the ‘Sport’ version for an adrenaline pushing performance ride, while the ‘Tour’ button produces a setting for a more relaxed drive.

Additional hi-tech smart features in the car include adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition system incorporated into the front camera and lane departure warning system. These features are optional extras you may choose for your Insignia BiTurbo.

The Options Available

The Vauxhall Insignia BiTurbo is available in front as well as four wheel drive options. In the four wheel drive model, the FlexiRide system provides controllable traction on all wheels by integrating with the vehicle’s electronic limited slip differential and torque transfer device. The various trims available on this car include the SRI, SRI-VX and the Elite lines. All these trims are available in the five door hatchback and the Sports Tourer versions.

The Insignia BiTurbo is available in the price range of £27,120 to £33,320 for the various trims.

This article is written by Michael Bourne who has 17 years experience in the tyre industry. Michael is Marketing Director for National Tyres and Autocare, the UK’s largest independent tyre retailer. Michael also sits on the steering committee of the influential not-for-profit safety organisation, TyreSafe. If you would like to make contact with Michael then you can do so by Email and also see Michael’s Google+ profile or contact customer service for any other query.

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